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Thursday March 17 - pay tv

Monday March 14, 2011
The Irish in Australia History, 7.30pm Undercover Princesses LifeStyle You, 8.30pm Pit Boss Animal Planet, 7.30pm

Sunday March 20 - pay tv

Monday March 14, 2011
God's Wrath Discovery, 7.30pm Megafactories: Maserati National Geographic, 7.30pm The Hotel Inspector LifeStyle, 1.30pm, 11.30pm

Monday February 7 - tv previews

Monday February 7, 2011
Dr Oz Seven, 2pm My Kitchen Rules Seven, 7.30pm $#*! My Dad Says Nine, 8pm Undercover Boss USA Ten, 8.30pm

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Monday January 12, 2009
What's That About? Discovery Science, 6.30pm Charlton Heston: For All Seasons Ovation, 7.35pm


Wednesday December 31, 2008
1 Which actor played TV character The Fall Guy? 2 In the TV show M*A*S*H, what was Klingers rank at the end of the war?

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Monday December 29, 2008
The Unteachables UKTV, 7am Evolve History, 7.30pm TV Land Moguls: The '50s TV1, 9.30pm

Hit List

Sunday December 21, 2008
Five TV Christmas special spin-offs.


Saturday December 20, 2008
Its the question of the TV year: how on Rudds green Earth can the network that gave us Underbelly also show drivel like Monster House? Yes, 2008 was the best and worst of TV years. This week, the biggest losers.


Friday December 12, 2008
TV suicide could help euthanasia by choice

Six Afi Awards Inflate First-time Director's Fame

Sunday December 7, 2008
A LITTLE-SEEN film by a first-time director and a top-rating TV mini-series scooped the pool at last night's Australian Film Institute awards.

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Monday December 1, 2008
An Aussie Goes Calypso FOX8, 7.30pm Project Runway Arena, 8.30pm The Tudors Showcase, 8.30pm

Let It All Hang Out

Thursday November 27, 2008
As Andrew Denton signs off, after many confessionals, is it no longer crass to spill one's guts on TV? By Paul Kalina.

Odd Spot

Wednesday November 12, 2008
Police in Germany are hunting a thief with no arms who walked out of a shop with a 24-inch TV. Two accomplices used clamps to fix the TV to his body before helping him out of the store in Munich. Staff did not realise what had happened until they looked back at CCTV recordings.


Sunday November 9, 2008
Today's tween TV may be worthy, but much of it is dull, says Melinda Houston.

Tv Previews

Monday November 3, 2008
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Ten, 7.30pm Johnny O'Keefe: The Wild One ABC1, 9.30pm


Sunday November 2, 2008
Buy, swap and sell season for TV media

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Monday September 29, 2008
Hell's Kitchen USA Lifestyle, 8.30pm Mars: The Quest For Life Discovery Science, 6.30pm Animal Cops: South Africa Animal Planet, 7.30pm

Dear Science

Friday September 26, 2008
Dear Science TV on the Radio (Remote Control) 3/5

Odd Spot

Wednesday September 24, 2008
For the first time ever a British intelligence agency has given a spy permission to appear on TV. It may never happen again. The spy appeared in disguise, namely, a moustache. Under the glare of TV lights the adhesive failed - and the moustache fell off.

Cd Reviews

Thursday September 18, 2008
Monkey: Journey to the West Damon Albarn Former Blur frontman Albarn's latest project was the stage musical Journey to the West, based on a Ming Dynasty novel (which inspired the '70s TV series Monkey Magic). Albarn says he wrote much of the music based on structures used in Chinese folk music, but a lot is recognisable as his work. The atmospheric pieces resemble his work with The Good, The Bad and The Queen and there's snippets of Gorillaz-like tunes.

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